Hi I’m Amrutha!

Who am i?

Someone who has just moved out of home and across the country for the first time. I have a passion for thinking up new and random things to cook and craft.

When it comes to food I can also be incredibly lazy and on a bit of a budget. Rent, bills and other expenses can eat up a fair bit of your earnings, and earning your earnings can take up a fair bit of your time!

My blog is mostly about cooking on a budget and in small time frames and crafting things to unleash and grow my creativity. It’s also about living within your means as much as possible, using what you have in the fridge or in the pantry rather than going to the shops specifically to make a dish.

Cooking, baking, food, knitting and crocheting relax me. A major de-stressor at times when life has really managed to get me down. Many times when I have been in a bad place mentally, cooking or making/crafting has given me a little spark and some excitement and dug me out of that hole.

I do a lot of other things with my life too. I sing, I work, i volunteer and donate my time when I can.

Enough about me now, if you like food, or trying new recipes, or crafting new and different things or if you’re just curious, I hope you enjoy my blog!